Facebook Posting by attending family
"I can’t even begin to say enough about Camp Gratitude. It’s a week event that will last a lifetime in your heart. It was the one time that me and my kids were able to connect with people that could truly understand our deepest feelings. 

"In a state where we don’t live on a base when our loved ones deploy and we are scattered throughout cities and towns we often struggle and feel very alone. Many times we have help from family, and friends...but that tie that binds comes from the ones who can look at you and know exactly where you’ve been without saying a word. Those are the people you meet at Camp Gratitude. "

"This place brings you to a family that knows you and loves you because they know your joys and pins before you even share them. There is a bond you will never lose after a week of enjoyment at Camp Gratitude. I recommend every veteran takes their family. This is so different than any other camp your family will attend.”

​"This was one of the best family bonding camps I've ever attended"
2016 Attending Family

"Great mix of activities and free time.  Thank you for the wonderful experience, the Target gift card, gift bag and fantastic perks are all very kind.  Thank you for a terrific week with military families.  We love Camp Gratitude.
2016 Attending Family

"This has been a great week away from the busyness of life to actually focus on just our family.  We feel closer as a family and even more prepared for his deployment"
2016 Attending Family

             "I always say how amazing Camp Gratitude was for us, but today we got this in the mail (memory book).  This place just keeps giving.  If you are a veteran, I definitely recommend you go to this camp, and if you're not a veteran and want to donate to a amazing cause, this is the place.  Love Love Love this book they made and miss all the friends we made there."
Jenn and Jeremy N - 2015 Attending Family

Facebook posting by a Camp Gratitude alum about a conversation with her daughter.
Haylee has NOT stopped talking since I picked her up after work.  However this little jingle was hard not to tell you Bill Hottel.  She sang, I kid you not, this made up song....  "Camp Gratitude, let's go to camp gratitude, oh why are we not at camp gratitude.  It's summer...I want to see my friends... Let's all go to camp gratitude".  And she followed it with "mommy let's drive there now!!!!".

"From the Friday we arrived to the Friday we left my children were in heaven.  I cannot stress how much this camp meant to them and myself.  It has been almost 8 months since we left Camp Gratitude and my kids STILL talk about it and ask when we are going back.  That alone should say  wonders about this camp."
Teri M. - 2014 Attendee

2013 Family Comments
"The counselors and interns were FANTASTIC!!"

"I feel the timing of the camp in relationship to personal family events couldn't have been more perfect.  The extra time the counselors spent with us was the best gift and appreciated more than words could ever say.  Thank you is not enough"

"Just spent a week at Camp Gratitude...amazing experience.  There 
was activities and fun for the whole family of all ages.  The counselors were fantastic and now that it's ending, there is a slight sadness.  Made new friends, made family bonds stronger...hate to see the week end.  Thank you families, 
 counselors and founders!"

Rick and  Kristin M. - 2013 Attendees

"Thank you for the great week!  You are a blessing to us.  We needed time to relax and be with our dad and husband."
     Bonnie and Kelly W. - 2012 Attendees

"My family has been blessed by this organization.  Thank you Camp Gratitude!"
Stephanie V. - 2011 Attendee
"Please take a moment to learn and hopefully support this great organization.  Our family utilized Camp Gratitude this past summer and was able to connect as a family after deployment and meet other families who share in our own struggles!" 
Jenny and John K - 2011 Attendees

Camp Gratitude is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides a FREE week long camping experience for military and veteran famiies to relax and reconnect while building strength and resilience.  We do this to honor and thank these families for their service to our Country.

Please help us thank our military and veteran families by providing a generous donation.  We thank you in advance for any contribution you can make to help our cause.

*100% of the donations are applied to the actual cost of the Camp Gratitude event.  All administrators are volunteers.

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